Creating a Success Mindset SM in all families

See how our innovative digital program is instilling a new mindset in every child around the world.

Our Mission:

Create a Success Mindset SM in all families around the world

Generational Poverty is a Mindset.

When a family has lived with a poverty state of mind for generations, it becomes almost impossible to imagine themselves in a life of prosperity.

Consider our Texas experience

1 in 5 children in Texas live in poverty.

Source: Center for Public Policy Priorities

14% of Texans experience food insecurity.

Meaning that at some point during the year, they experienced difficulty providing enough food due to a lack of money or resources.

Source: Povertytalks.org

Texas ranks 38th in higher education attainment.

Percentage in 2017 of adults ages 25 to 34 who had an associate’s degree or higher.

Source: Talkpoverty.org

Texas ranks 48th in teen birth rate.

Source: Povertytalks.org

We create college & career readiness and family engagement.

Where every child is prepared, both intellectually and emotionally, to rise to the highest calling of their hearts. Where all families have the tools to break free from the shackles of poverty, limited opportunity and low expectations. Where every individual contributes fully to Worldwide prosperity, helping to make our world stronger, prouder and better.